Banner Algida ::: Flash ::: 468 x 60 px

Story Board 1 ::: Filip

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Preloader for slow connections...

First appears Algida logo - "Heart"

Logo will zoom totaly away using nice effect.

"Algida Presents" like in Hollywood movies... Eh, really!

4x still photography of hero.
White flashes between slides.

Headline and subtitle will slowly appears.
Animation will restart after this frame.

Game starts by moving the mouse pointer above the banner.

The goal of the game is to get yourself from the left side to the right side ;)

But there are spotlights, bouncers, ...

...which are very dangerous!
Opps, my life!

Hero is finally on the right side, bravo! Let's go to the Algida website.
Games ends with clicking on banner or by wasting all lives.
Banner animation restarts when mouspointer leaves banner area.

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