ING Promo ::: Banner Proposal ::: Version 1 - Get score!

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First slide. Main headline shown.
The ball is jumping on one place on the grass.

The orange box will pass from the right to the left.
Call to action message appears: Shoot!

The orange box pass away from the banner to the left.
Logotype ING is discovered under the box.
Animation restart (loop) after this slide.

When user place mouse pointer above the banner,
ball will "stick" to the mouse pointer.
Goalkeeper starts moving in the direction of the ball.

By clicking user shoot the ball.

When the ball is shot into the goal, message "Goooal!" appears
and the user is forwarded to ING promo pages.
In the other case, user must shoot again.

This "shooting" operation must be easy enough
for everybody get chance to score!

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